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The company's income is the user's income.

For the first time, blockchain  and smart contracts technology have allowed the creation of autonomous systems and maximize the benefits of end users by eliminating intermediaries between them and the services they use.

Not so long ago this technology was applied in DEX, now we are translating

this concept into the gaming industry.

We are making a completely decentralized gaming protocol, in which users will act both as players and as the company itself.

From now on, the profit of the company is the profit of the user.

  • Fully automated system
  • User is a player and company
  • Intermediaries exclusion
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Real chances of winning

In any type of gaming, users always lose more than they win, there are many reasons for it.

Our mission is to make the mechanics as transparent and open as possible, where the chance of winning or losing will be 50 to 50.

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Open Source and Absolute Transparency

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  • The protocol guarantees a fair basis for giving users equal chances of winning and losing in the game

  • The protocol allows users to earn additional income by providing liquidity to the game pool by applying mechanics that are similar to the operational principle of Uniswap liquidity pools

  • The solution is completely open for audit with transparent mechanics and financial clarity

  • Players don't need to keep their balances on the accounts of centralized organizations

  • Players don't need to go through complicated KYC procedures and reveal their identities

Fair Gaming Protocol Benefits


Chances of winning out
of competition are 50-50

The protocol guarantees fair and equal chances of winning and losing in the game 


Staking and APY

The protocol allows users to earn additional income by providing free liquidity to the gaming pool (the principle is similar to the operation of liquidity pools in Uniswap)


Provable honesty and openness to audit

The solution is completely open for audit at any time, with transparent mechanics and financial openness


Only the player has access to player funds

The player does not need to keep the balance on the account of a centralized organization



The player does not need to go through KYC and reveal his identity

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Without duties

The player does not need to take into account the tax burden

No restrictions

The Protocol cannot be subject to restrictions in any countries and jurisdictions

Token Economics

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Fair Token Distribution

A total of 50,000,000 FAIR tokens will be issued. The tokens will be allocated based on the following distribution scheme

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Token Ticker


Token Type

ERC-20 compatible

Token Supply


Token Specs

Gaming, Staking


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  • FGP price $0.10

  • Tokens to sale 3,000,000

  • To Fund $300,000

  • Tokens of supply 6.00%

Private Sale

  • Private Sale:

  • FGP price $0.20

  • Tokens to sale 1,250,000

  • To Fund $250,000

  • Tokens of supply 2.50%


  • FGP price $0.30

  • Tokens to sale 250,000

  • To Fund $75,000

  • Tokens of supply 0.50%

key delails
key benefits



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  • White paper release

  • Community buildup

  • Development of the protocol core, liquidity pool and staking mechanism

  • Development of the first games on protocol

  • Attraction of strategic partners

  • Seed round

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  • Development of a gaming smart contracts:         Poker, Blackjack, Go, Aviator

  • Development of the vampire airdrop

  • Launch global marketing campaign through

  • Smart contracts audit

  • Development of the NFT Rewarding System (NRS)

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  • Establishment of the DAO and Governance of Protocol System

  • Development of the Launchpad

  • Launch of the NFT Rewarding System (NRS)

  • Development of gaming smart contracts

  • Launch of Vampire Airdrop

  • Transfer of project management to DAO, transition to full decentralization of the Protocol

  • Release of the Launchpad

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  • LinkedIn

Dmitrii Nogin

CEO / Co-founder

Experience: 10+ years

Background: Entrepreneur,  DeFi, Performance Marketing, Finance & Trading

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  • LinkedIn

Mikhail Perminov

CTO / Co-founder

Experience: 12+ years

Background: Entrepreneur, Software Development,


photo_2022-02-05 17_edited_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Matt Tuusberg

Technical advisor

Experience: 10+ years

Background: Software Development, Finance & Trading

photo_2022-02-05 17_edited_edited_edited.jpg
  • LinkedIn

Alexsey Chernyshev


Experience: 10+ years

Background: Asset Management, Marketing Development

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